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We’re little Pekingese breeder and we’re found in the year 2017. All of my Pekingese puppies for sale are raised and live in my home and all ¬†certified by a veterinarian

My goal is to produce Pekingese puppies of the best possible quality with limited breeding. Health and temperament are of paramount importance.

The Pekingese dogs for sale in my breeding programme are medically examined for health problems common to Pekingese puppies.

Once weaned, my puppies are raised separately from my adult dogs to promote better one-on-one bonding with people.

They are socialised to promote the chappy, outgoing and friendly temperament for which the Pekingese are known and bred for.

This not only benefits the puppies for the show ring, but also to be the best possible companion.
Of course, I also strive to breed Pekingese puppies to adhere to AKC standard as much as possible.

One thing all Pekingese puppies have in common is their loving nature. A gentle and fearless dog, the Pekingese greets everyone like a friend.

His glamorous coat gives him a look of haughty nobility, but appearances can be deceiving.

They are vigorous dogs who excels not only as a companion, but also as a therapy and competition dog in dog sports such as agility.

Above all, he loves to be with his his people. Our puppies for sale thrive in homes where they receive a lot of love and attention with little time alone, the Pekingese love to receive a lot of attention




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