pekingese puppies for sale in tx

pekingese puppies for sale in tx


Pekingese are charming and trusting companions who develop a close bond with their humans. Their purpose in life is to entertain and comfort. Although they spend most of their time in a sedentary position and do not need to exercise, they enjoy participating in dog sports at their own pace.pekingese puppies for sale in tx


The breed is characterized by a friendly, outgoing and affectionate nature. Pekes are gentle and intelligent and develop very close relationships with their humans. Having lived in palaces for centuries, Pekes can be as independent as the emperors who owned them. (Pekes are often referred to as “stubborn”). They are always on guard and are excellent watchdogs. Pekes are tolerant with children but do not tend to be rough with them.


As with all short-nosed breeds, it is important to choose a Pekingese with large nostrils rather than a medium-sized nose. Since Pekingese do not have a long muzzle that acts as a natural protective barrier for the eyes, it is important that the environment is safe for your Pekingese and that nothing can affect or irritate its eyes. Pekingese enjoy cold temperatures and that is why some owners travel with their Pekingese on ice packs or an ice pillow, even during car trips, which provides a level of comfort that Pekingese really appreciate. By working with a responsible breeder, people who want to own a Pekingese can get the information they need about breed-specific health issues. Good breeders perform health tests on their breeding stock to reduce the risk of disease in their puppies.




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